domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016

Las Flacas lo hacemos mas rico😈!

All happened when I decided to go travelling to my country, Ecuador. I was alone because my aunt bought me the ticket, I was 14 years old and I traveled from Spain to Ecuador, it excited me much because 6 years ago that I go and well stayed three months apart from holiday at the home of my grandparents.

There I had a great but what I liked most is to know a guy who lived in the same House that I was :-), and we were as neighbors.

Only initially we were friends but then I started to like but it was a little weird because I had 14 and 17, we spent three years and well I already knew that you had no chance with him.

The first single we talked but the second month married the cousin of my mother and I and he was also, I was Lady and gentleman and there I realized that I also liked him because the two danced the night and I loved how I looked, but the nicest thing was when said me that I would not single or one minute. He is very happy because I knew that I liked it, but he did not know which to me also I liked.

But when they were slowly passing the days I didn't look at it one day as in almost all I went into his room to talk (as friends) he called me, was lying on the bed and told me that he wanted me to tell a secret.

I went and I he stared at so nice I don't know why came I fear and I tried it was not nothing more and the truth is I do not know why they did that. But the day I will not forget ever was when in the House there was no one more just were my three cousins, they live next to the House, we went to see a film and as it was also very my cousins friend was also to see the movie.

I was watching it on the top bunk, and my cousins in the bottom and then took me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and gave me a kiss.

And that's when all our love affair began. After that he sat down beside me and we were kissing us but while my cousins knew, our love would be secret, nobody could find our. I loved and from there whenever we were alone together. It was fun because each time spent it alone we were together, and so they spent the first days of my first love.

One day we decided to go travelling to the beaches and that more pleasure is that also went to the same beaches and at the same hotel I loved in the day because I sat down beside her and we sleep together (with openly so that they will not learn) and these holidays were the best of my life we ran to see us and to be together.

The saddest thing of my story was that in a short time I was going to return to Spain, was very sad because she was my first love, will never forget it and I know that eenl to me, those were not my unforgettable holiday I will never ever forget.

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