viernes, 29 de abril de 2016

Hola amores... Mi Wpp: Aqui! 👇👇👇

In April the asked me out of my house, without permission and without notice, did only but always weight me more morals and I never did. I went to a party with my sister and in that party would be a colleague our work of which he was rather jealous, why never knew her since his fiancée now wife works with us also. That day the came at night and told me that I would be talking that at no time I burst into the cell. My sister suspect that the person who I marked was nothing more than him and made a scandal to me to tell me that he was an old man who saw an opportunity to someone younger and more naive and was knowingly exploit very well. I didn't want to doubt me loved at that moment but something inside me caused a noise, because my very dear sister told him.

That day come to my house and my sister followed the party for one while longer, I frame furious than where it was and with whom and which in my Facebook page had uploaded a photo where I go with that colleague, that for sure I was very happy at his side and a lot of irrational jealousy-filled nonsense, not let me explain Mark him all night, check it in the morning and nothing. I went to look for it and nothing. So on Monday when we speak and remained somewhat annoying until I couldn't more and broke into tears, he said that it would compensate the made me cry and this weekend we went to a beautiful restaurant and gift me a few perfumes to then tell me is time to tell your MOM we are boyfriends, because I can not keep in this cave. My sister was so angry with me and every attempt to tell my mom was disastrous. On one occasion the mention that he had another job offer in the U.S. and that only had been for me, at that moment I had a delay on my period and we believed that the dream of Paula perhaps become in reality. But was it was a false alarm and caused a little more tension. Among those lawsuits the much pulled my previous relationship and told me that if I wanted to still be with him, when we did love stopped and asked me if I still missed it and I answered that no, because it was certainly not it did, and just cried or was angry and shouted. Until we deal with that and he told me it was because I always had it hidden that I didn't know any friend of mine, my family did not accept it and that I was not much because they did. The truth is that I tried it but nothing seemed to workscript>

In April presented me the opportunity to go out with a friend on a journey that she performs with her family. Le conté very excited about that and he told me that if I was going to forget me of it, which could not bear me out a week while the would be here only. That it was not fair, that I would be with more people and coquetearía with them and that he preferred that everything ended that it fooled him. I promised him that I wouldn't do it because I felt it was much stronger, but he told me that he would not accept it that he did not want it. So to not break my relationship, I told my friend that he would not go to your travel with her. That week we were many days and everything seemed as if it were well. But the theme of return to escape with the emerged and with more force than other times since this time was a you run away with me and fix the rest later or forget our. I understand that he was not playing to the bride and groom high school but the fact that for his family and the escape with your loved one was a source of unbridled love and without any extra options that do it for the poor, was accepted while I thing as something irrational, as the damage that would do to my family and myself doing some of what they do not think it could be solved correct. I emphasized once again because this did not happen. Every day I cried at lunch time because it did not answer my calls, since he had angry because again it had told him that it didn't escape me with it.

Where every night he stayed to wait for me just to fight or tell me occurrences as "married in secret and never can separate us and when already know you anything you can do". Until it was presented the theme of "give you a month to prepare and get all of your home or you forget forever from my". This time do not attempt to discuss it and I said yes. He began by small things like toothbrush and pajamas. After a few pieces of underwear and blouses that almost no use. Until my mom was the talk of see you mysterious and out of you, always these sad mornings all do fast as if someone was waiting for you (truth is that romantic morning calls had become an unbearable routine of have to mark it because if not you angry because I did not say to what times have come to work and of course tell him I love him) also mention things like every night you hide to whisper on the phone and know that you are talking about hidden and be who you do and you're not happy. That That day my mother ignore me up and I was me thinking that if I have a family that understands me, loves me and cares for me, because sacrificing it for someone that actually I was not doing happy at the beginning, but they put me in a situation really stressful and full of nervousness. My friends told me that I was sick but I didn't believe them and now my own mother told me that I was unhappy. All that had to stop and then told him that he would not escape with it, that I would not marry with him secretly and above all that didn't have to do it badly if I could do it well. And I told him and he said ok put 2 months to do so but we got married and I told him that it was OK because he believed that in two months we could have better progress and believe me almost managed it.

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