lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016

Descubre mucho mas!! 👇👇 Q´ Espera?

We had been together more than four years and it was time to take a step in the relationship. So I decided to ask her to marry me. I've never thought that I should be the guy who asks it, nor that no one has to ask, sometimes arises between the two, well, I don't know, in my case it apeteció me because I wanted to do something special and it is.

We also wanted to marry in plan "Busca" wanted to do something simple, I knew that it was something that we liked both of them. So, I invited him a weekend to our favorite city under the guise of celebrating our anniversary. He had prepared a letter and a very cool gift to give when we were there, so while the shower is I left it on the bed and I I left the beach. In the letter he said that where it would be and that there I would expect your reply.

I was panicking this time. That beach means so much to us and wanted to live that moment there. Not too much while I waited, if it does appear, you imagine? I'm dying! Lol... Yes, it came, but also gave another surprise to me, because road bought my favorite flower and came with it in hand. You can imagine my excitement? I started to cry just see it!

And well, it was super exciting time, he too was after having read what you had written to him (knew that word I wasn't going to leave!). Anyway, that was what we wanted and was the most special way to achieve this.

The wedding? It was amazing. Our direct family, our friends and, above all, all the people that we wanted to have on the side. No rare commitments or "forced" only invitations came the people we wanted to come. And so went all out! Perfect! It was a fun and very special day, all we laugh, we touched and enjoyed. Now... for many years together!

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