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A balanced diet

Having a balanced diet means eating in such a way that our bodies are able to obtain all the nutrients they need for...

+ to carry out the most basic tasks, like breathing
+ maintain and renew our cellular tissue
+ to grow more cells
+ think, move, work, etc.

Previous lines, it might seem that all need the same things, but in real life there is no recipe "for all ages". We are all different and also our needs.

What nutritionists, professionals in the field, normally do is our need to be subdivided into three groups:

+ First, calculate the least amount of nutrients that our cells need to continue living. They have it while we are at absolute rest, sleeping; and he is called your basal metabolism.
+ Then, calculate what they need to grow. This involves both the energy value of our newly-formed tissues and the energy cost of synthesizing them.
+ Finally, take into account our physical activity, which varies, but can be divided into sedentary, light, moderate, and severe.

Sedentary people spend most of their time sitting. Move, from time to time, but to go somewhere else and sit there too. It is the case of some drones that I know, but you can also include here some students and office workers, men and women who enjoy watching television and those that lead to not walk.

People with light physical activity do not move much. It would be the case of workers in office and those housewives who have appliances for almost everything.

People who have moderate physical activity work moving, like waiters, but it can also be included in this group to those men and women who like to go to the gym three times a week or those housewives who do everything but without appliances.

The term severe physical activity explained only. We are talking about workers, farmers, athletes and the like.
Wat could happen if we do not have a balanced diet?

It was interesting to talk about this with a nutritionist. The consequence of not maintaining a diet balanced in time is to run the risk of getting sick. Here a few examples of diseases that are the result of an unbalanced diet:

+ In excess, it can lead to obesity, tooth decay and diabetes
+ Its lack can lead to varicose veins, colon cancer and, together with the lack of fiber, constipation

+ In excess, it can lead to kidney problems
+ Its lack can lead to malnutrition, lack of growth and also to kidney problems.

+ In excess, can lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, attacks and obesity
+ Its lack can lead to problems in the absorption of some vitamins

+ In excess, and if they are soluble in water, normally wet
+ In excess, and if they are fat-soluble, could lead to liver problems
+ Its lack... depends. In fact, every vitamin deficiency could lead to a different condition. Watch below:

-B1: Beriberi
-B2: Mucous membrane problems
-B3: pellagra
-B5: malnutrition
-B6: Muscle and nerve problems
-B12: Anemia megaloblastic, anorexia and diarrhoea
-C: Scurvy, bleeding gums
-A: In the night vision problems, problems with keratin
-D: rickets
-E: infertility
-K: Clotting problems
+ In excess, they can lead to high blood pressure and renal insufficiency
+ Its deficiency can lead to osteoporosis (calcium), caries (fluorine), anemia (iron) or hormonal problems (iodine)

As you can see, it is important to have a balanced diet. The consequence of not having it in time is to risk illness.

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