lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016

22 Años Soltera, Descubre mas 👇👇

After the mistake of my life, it all started when I was my ex boyfriend for that woman I gave it everything, fighting why always were good, there were occasions in what you I was unfaithful, not by what I wanted, I did that, but for what she will change, know what was not well, but I was always sincere and told him everything that I was going to do , passing the days, months and years, I found out what she encapricho with a schoolmate, my pain was so strong what I felt guilty, not to blame her, blame myself.

I ask that had failed, I forgave her and I kept showing him my love, it was nothing like, she didn't feel the same for me, to spend the days I got bored of that relationship, then my friends and brothers I was introduced to the love of my life, I was introduced to the person what master and why the it luchare with more strength and intensity I met the beautiful is, apart from being very beautiful physically, personally is an Angel, is kind, noble, sincere, is unique and splendid, to spend the days we were dating, I was liking, and she acts me captive and fall very fast.

She had boyfriend and I for my girlfriend, I finished with my ex, to fight for the love of my life, it gave us the opportunity be boyfriends, chance what I will never forget, like forgetting the first day what kiss her beautiful lips, how to forget his eyes with mine, that day was wonderful, to spend the days, there were problems with my ex I wouldn't let in paz, he always sought to annoy my girlfriend, it gave me much courage, there were occasions in what I deal with it and tell her what she already did not care, what there is now another person which I care and much, and these problems were solved with him spending days.

He spent a month when I went to ask his mother what would we be boyfriends, do not lie, I felt a little nervous, but seeing what her mother accept, packed me value and much more hope for this love which day by day grows without stopping, today already are close to 5 months, and feel safe and confident she will be my future wife the future mother of my children will be, it will be the woman to share my happiness and time, is the most beautiful and unique women what only I have, and what never fail you, thank God for this beautiful opportunity, I love my life... Thank you for existing and being the love of my life...

We had the typical perfect ratio of friends who say "They could be a couple" until one of the two (in this case it) listening too and believe it. It begins the moment where everything is fucked. It starts to see you in another way, with other eyes, to treat you more affectionately and you get confused, you grate... But you do not ever thought of it, almost or had gone through your head this approach and you can imagine it, but begins the war stories between this little angel and that little demon appearing on your shoulders. And they argue. Listeners. Do you think. Doubts. Both are right. A large scale that it is not known where leans a little more. That little bit that makes you decide...

It then passes that you desbordas and you look, either by pressure or by this tangle of lines you have in mind for thoughts and it does give reason to the little IMP that will contonea victorious. You turning turning towards the angel, after all you are still doubting...

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