miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016

Busco amigos, soy de #Colombia, Snapchat: @Angeli***👇👇

Busco amigos, soy de #Colombia, Snapchat @Angelito012👇👇

Hi I decided to tell my story, although it's been time cent need to vent and that other people though do not know are my confidants.
I describe primarily, I am a girl of 23 years, brown skin dark brown long hair coming from the city of barranquilla - Colombia.

My story begins when one of my best friends I have the friend of her boyfriend, I saw him I didn't feel any attraction since I previously liked another person who did not have to do with my feelings, it made me suffer, but as the heart is very stubborn, always choose the wrong way, but even so di the opportunity to that guy who had presented to me get to know us and see what was happening at the beginning I was very dubious of having a relationship with him, but to spend the time I was finding a person you trust, with whom be apart kissed so delicious that it seemed that my mouth fits perfectly with it, felt that he was getting into heaven when we did.

But as everything is not perfect, I began to feel as I changed with me, already was not called, already pulled me thousands of excuses to see us, in the bottom of my heart I knew it, is something that all women have and it is this feeling that although we want we do not cover with lies, and unfortunately I was right.

One day doing a job of the University it gave me to once again review their Facebook profile, because w

e had distanced both so I had deleted his Facebook, but to go back I discovered a myriad of photos where he would kiss with a girl, and even post you a comment stating that he loved her, and by the date the pictures were not very recent photos , is still with me I was with her, felt like my heart became crumbs, I could not even watch other photos, made me a lump in the throat and trying to hide, turn off my laptop and I locked myself in my room trying to not cry and still got it that day boat not a tear, but I felt that I burned inside of rage and sadness Although he had decided not to claim him or accuse him of nothing, couldn't, had to ask him because he had done me that, because I had played with my feelings in this way if I had not done him wrong any, wanted to single, quietly but I wanted to, it may not be a very expressive person but I felt afraid to open up and to do me harm and as well as which happened and as if it wasn't enough when I decided to tackle it still struggling to not break my voice opposite him, confessed to me that she was pregnant and that it was never going to stop by my: (.)

Could it destroy me more? Already from me there was nothing left, I just trusted God so heal my heart and you could forgive those who took advantage of my naivety... I wonder if someday I will find someone who never hurt me.

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