jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

😈💋 Hagamos Travesuras 💋😈

I was studying at the College, was 16 years old, had a friend who, for reasons of life, tells me that his cousin had read your book of numbers and that the only saw my name and that I had liked, then he started sending me letters, write me messages until I get the day I met him, my friend and I had a job of sorts and went to his house and there he was helped us with the work, he draws and paints wonderful, when I was already told me that if we could get to know each other better, I accept and invited me, gave me a letter saying that he wanted to be my boyfriend, because the first thing I thought was that I was crazy, because recently we had like two days know us but I thought it was cute and accept it We had our first kiss which was very embarrassing, we hit our heads at the time of kiss on the first attempt, but in the second I was beautiful.

The months passed and our relationship was "beautiful" until we meet 9 months and me hand over to him, he was my first man, I was very much in love as he loved with all my heart, step time and the relationship was no longer the same, I felt this paragraph, already not called me much always I was looking around and it felt so different but I was so in love with you was blind one day opened his Facebook and read some messages, some very sensitive there I found out that he cheated me, just that day that I found out he was going to my house to see me, wait that the come and claim him asked him what, that was that and he told me that it was nothing that was a friend who felt it and as silly excuse , after everything went well the months passed and I had to make the practices of the University and playing I go to schools to teach, one day he had to go to see and I'm a little late, talked about and told me that no longer could be with me that things had changed, asked him if he had another and told me that not well my mom found out and they hit him a slap that up to me hurt me because I told him that all he wanted was to sleep with me and then leave me... Well after that episode to call me again and we returned, I was still at my University and everything was going well until my friends told me that they had a gift for me... That were a few photos and I look and oh surprise was the kissing with the ex and the worst of everything that day the was going to ask my hand jajajaj every time I remember that my heart is compressed, well the came to my house with dad and exploded the pump of the photos and said that that was not the good asked that because I returned to deceive and the response of the was that my mother had hit him again with me by revenge, my MOM to hear that returned to paste but this time was a very good punch, the days passed and I returned to call and write and for me and me as stupid return , step time was already in my 3 year and as the start to work everything was going well, but then became as strange and I was already with this bad Thorn, and then returned to discover that the deceived me.

There are newly realized that he was not a good man, love had blinded me so much that it had been willing to excuse everything, I went to search his home mom it denied me the Pope also, but I left there down to wait for it needed an explanation, but OH surprise he was there told me a lot of things and I think that she was so tired of all his lies , which operates... Break out worse GOKU with CAMECAMEJA... It was horrible but just understood that that man was not for me, after a month I found out that I was going to make Dad had married, but hopefully well be happy never going to want evil, I am also happy, also I get married and finally have someone who loves me truly

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